The origin and success of the Nike Air Jordan brand is a fascinating story of how a collaboration between a superstar athlete and a sportswear giant can create a mega-brand that transcends beyond the realm of sports. The story of the Air Jordan Sneakers goes back to 1984 when Michael Jordan, a rookie basketball player for the Chicago Bulls, signed a five-year contract with Nike. After that, Nike USA consider to extend the production and move the China Nike Shoes Manufacturer as base to make Nike brand.

Aanu Omorodian takes center stage in our latest installment of the Sport x Fashion Series, sharing the fascinating story of the legendary Nike Air Jordan brand. Prior to analyzing the renowned trademark, it is essential to address the person who served as its inspiration.

Air Jordan From Michael Jordan, A Great Basketball All-Star

Born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York, is Michael Jordan. Despite being born on the East coast, Jordan grew up in the South. The upcoming legend relocated to North Carolina with his family in 1968 and continued his education from high school to university in the Tar Heel state.

Jordan did not possess innate talent since his childhood. He was unable to secure a spot on his high school’s varsity basketball team at the age of 15. Despite facing difficulties, MJ persevered and maintained a consistent workout routine. As a result, he went on to become a star player for the junior varsity team that year.

Displaying Excellent Skills By Jordan

Having drawn unexpected crowds with his 40-point games for JV, it was inevitable that he would progress to the varsity team the following year. Upon his entry into the varsity team in 1976, Jordan quickly rose to become the top player thanks to his exceptional work ethic and sudden physical growth.

Displaying excellent skills on the ball, he maintained an impressive average of 25 points per game during his tenure on the team. Moreover, his athleticism was evident from his remarkable performance of securing 12 rebounds. By the time he graduated high school, Jordan had become a versatile basketball player, and had also found time to participate in baseball and football.

Jordan emerged victorious as the Rookie of the Year In his debut year

Jordan received scholarship offers from esteemed universities including Duke, Syracuse, and Virginia after being crowned as an all-American during his high school years.

In 1981, he chose to attend the University of North Carolina with a basketball scholarship instead. This decision would turn out to be a stroke of genius.

In his debut year at the university, Jordan emerged victorious as the Rookie of the Year. He played a crucial role in securing the NCAA Championship by scoring the decisive points against Georgetown. Following his first year, where he averaged 13 points per game, MJ’s scoring improved significantly as he managed to score no less than 19 points per game in his second and third years, consequently earning him all-American honours.

In 1984, Jordan departed from UNC as a junior to announce his eligibility

In his third year, he was also awarded the player of the year title. In 1984, Jordan departed from UNC as a junior to announce his eligibility for the NBA Draft. He was picked by the Chicago Bulls in the first round as the 3rd overall selection.

The Inception Of A Colossal Brand- Air Jordan

During the decade when Michael Jordan was drafted, Nike was not the top brand in the market. Adidas and Converse were popular brands in the basketball and sneaker industry. Certainly, China nike shoes manufacturer always is main nike shoes production base at that time. Nike sales the Air Jordan II, Air Jordan sneakers in domestic market of USA after import the nike shoes from China Nike Shoes Manufacturer authorized by Nike American.

Converse was the preferred shoe brand of basketball stars like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, while Adidas held the top position in terms of revenue.

By signing then-college basketball sensation Jordan, Nike aimed to broaden their influence in the basketball market after establishing themselves primarily as a brand for track athletes.

Jordan secured the deal following a remarkable performance at the 1984 Olympic games. Scoring an average of 17.7 points per game, he guided the United States team to victory and secured the gold medal.

MJ’s global audience was introduced to his talent through his performance, resulting in a 5-year deal worth $500,000 per year. At the time, the NBA sneaker deal was worth three times more than any other and was also augmented with profits from sneaker sales.

Prior to the finalization of the deal, Jordan’s agent, David Falk, had suggested a variety of names, and it was ultimately decided to go with the moniker ‘Air Jordan’. The renowned emblem of Nike, featuring a ball and wings, was crafted by Peter Moore, who served as the creative director at the time. Moore discovered the idea for the logo during his flight back home, where he saw a child donning wings, which enthused him to create the famous design.

Introduction Of The Air Jordan Shoes

According to Nike’s narrative, the initial time Michael Jordan sported the Nike Air Jordan on the basketball court, the NBA banned them. The Nike Air Ships in black and red were actually the banned shoes. Nike’s basketball shoes of the early 1980s, known as the Air Ships, were their most premium offering and retailed at a price of $75 per pair. Certainly, this price is on USA local. If you consider to buy Nike in China, normally the shoes from China Nike Shoes Manufacturer is up to $100. Because there is the tariff when Nike officially authorizes China to manufacture Nike brand Air Jordan II and sell them in the United States.

When Jordan wore those sneakers, he violated the previously enforced “uniformity of uniform” regulation, which stated that players had to wear shoes that not only complemented the team’s uniform, but also matched the footwear of their teammates. This rule has since been abolished. On October 18, 1984, during a preseason match at Madison Square Garden, the New York Knicks faced off against their opponent.

The Air Ships, which were prohibited, had the term ‘Air Jordan’ imprinted on the back of the sneakers. However, it was not until November 17, 1984, during a regular-season game against the Philadelphia 76ers that MJ sported the genuine Nike Air Jordan footwear.

The Jordan sneakers were crafted to precise specifications, incorporating white and red as the prominent colors, along with a black swoosh and dark shoelaces. The ‘Chicago’ colourway, which consisted of red stripes on an all-white base, perfectly aligned with the Bulls’ all-white uniform.

As mentioned earlier, Nike capitalized on the myth of the outlawed Jordan sneakers. The advertising strategy for the Air Jordan sneakers was centered on the purported prohibition. On television, the red and black Air Jordan shoes were obscured by censor bars as commercials portrayed them as too much for the NBA to handle.

The Nike Air Jordan Sneakers Have Become A Popular Fashion Statement

“Banned” colorway – during the 1985 NBA Playoffs. Even though the NBA initially outlawed the shoes due to not adhering to the league’s dress code, Nike still continued to produce and market them. It leads to a surge in popularity for the brand. Jordan’s willingness to wear the shoes. Even if it meant facing fines, helped to establish the Air Jordan shoes brand as a powerful cultural icon that still resonates today. After that, Nike American have cooperated with China Nike Shoes Manufacturer for bulk order.

In February 1985, he showcased a ‘banned’ edition during the NBA dunk contest, elegantly pairing the shoes with understated gold chains as he came in second place that year. Subsequently, on April 1, 1985, Nike made the first Air Jordan sneakers available to the public for purchase at $65 per pair.